Education! It’s something that comes in a variety of different methods, whether you’re in school, the workforce, can’t work, or are retired each of you has experiences that have educated you. Such as the eight hour school day, the interpersonal skills picked up on a work-related project, coming to a consensus that somethings cannot be altered, or that the “real world” is the actual classroom. However, in general, most people would define your education through your academic pursuits. In the next couple of months, we will be going on a journey that will tackle the topic that is College Algebra. Yes, indeed the subject that has kept many a person up at night, it has restrained others from freedom on the weekend, and by some miracle, if passed left many with horror stories. We will be walking down this path, and at the end, if you stay close we will make it out alive! Seriously though! So you must now be saying well it’s great that you can sympathize but how is this information going to be presented? Well, let us try an example post, shall we?

Topic: Addition

3 + 2 = 5

Starting at 3 | Add 2 units 4, 5, | Thus the answer is 5

You Try:
8 + 2


Why is this Relevant:

So to answer the questions that every student has ever wondered about when presented with a new topic; addition is a fundamental building block of many facets of education! Addition allows its “patrons” to engage in business practices, quantify their property, and many other applications. Finally, being able to add and do so proficiently allows the casual learner, or students the opportunity to progress further with confidence.
So as you can see the process to gain this information will hopefully be relatively simple! I hope that …. No rather… I believe that this short journey will be an excellent way for any reader to be able to quickly and methodically solve problems. Thus hopefully alleviating much of the stress associated with this topic.


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