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Recognizing Patterns in Real Numbers (Properties)​

Math in short is a representatin of a pattern! in a continuation of our review section we are going to be discussing being able to recognize some of those patterns also known as Properties.There are 5 basic Properties that we are going to discuss, Associative, Commutative, Distributive, Identity , Inverse. Please see below for a…
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Absolute Values (Basic)

Absolute Values! To understand this topic is critical as one progresses forward in mathematics. Absolute values allow for the magnitude to be taken of the number inside.* Alternatively, in its most basic “lay term” anything inside the absolute value signs which are two vertical parallel lines,  | n* | will become positive. Well, let us…
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Education! It’s something that comes in a variety of different methods, whether you’re in school, the workforce, can’t work, or are retired each of you has experiences that have educated you. Such as the eight hour school day, the interpersonal skills picked up on a work-related project, coming to a consensus that somethings cannot be…
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